I made salve!

2 ingredient, 5 minute salve! What is salve you say? Some would call in balm, but I think salve is so much more fun to say (I say it like this >insert dramatic voice< SAAAAAAV.) The ‘L’ is silent.

What is salve used for? It’s a lubricant. So anything you need lubricated. Yes, anything. I made it for my daughter’s bottom because we had been having major problems with diaper rash, and I kept finding shady ingredients in every diaper cream. Who wants to be putting shady things on their daughter’s precious? Not I.

I made this salve 5 days ago and have been obsessed for all 5 days. I use it for: baby’s bum, her dry patches, her whole body really, my hands, my cuticles, my lips, the ends of my hair, my feet, my extremely dry elbows (TMI..?). The list goes on!

Here’s how it went: I bought organic beeswax from Amazon and organic sunflower oil (our doc said this would be less irritating to her skin than coconut oil) from the market. I set up a double boiler like this:

Melted the beeswax (1 oz),

Poured the oil in (1 cup), and stirred it with a chopstick. Once all melted, I poured into a measuring cup and then into these glass containers:

Within a few minutes it hardened into SALVE!

SO COOL. I found these cute glass jars on Amazon and want to make more – this time with essential oils to give as gifts.

So easy!

Relatively cheap.

And so nice knowing how few ingredients.

I got the recipe from this video from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Salve on!



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