Evernote 101: Why you need this in your life, now.

Before I was gifted my first smart phone in 2011, all of my list-making was done with paper and pen >yawn<.

Then, enter (in my case), the iPhone >yay!<. I really do credit the iPhone with taking my organizational skills to a whole new level.

As being an avid note/list-taker/maker, I was super stoked to find the “notes” app. How fabulous! But it wasn’t long before my novice fingers hit the trash symbol and my to-do list was gone, with no option to recover.

That’s when my über tech-savvy husband suggested using a note-taking app.

Why not Evernote he said?

And then my life forever changed.

I just don’t know what I would do without this fabulous piece of app.

  1. You will never lose a note. If you by accident delete it, it will be in the Trash!
  2. You can use it on both your phone and computer (and iPad if you wish).
  3. All notes are accessible all the time with a cellular or wifi connection for free! The only time I ever paid for an upgrade was when we went traveling for a few months so I could have off-line access (because I stored all of our itineraries and travel information in it – more on that in another post).
  4. It holds all my mental clutter so my mind can be free!

Here are 10 good starter notes:

  1. To-Do List 
  2. Books (a place to put everyone’s recommendations)
  3. Movies (same)
  4. Music (same, or to jot down tunes you want to look up later)
  5. Grocery List 
  6. Karaoke (don’t laugh! – this is for your go-to karaoke songs so you don’t need to think about it when you somehow end up at karaoke late-night)
  7. Packlists
  9. Vouchers/Credits (which stores and for how much)
  10. (Sushi) Take Out (so you don’t need to scrutinize the roll-menu each time!)

Now go and download the Evernote app now for your phone and desktop! 

*I 100% swear I am not being paid by Evernote (after all this is only my second blog post). I just love it THAT MUCH. 


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