How to be on time

How to be on time?


Lie to yourself, lie to others. 

This is how you will be on time. 

Unless of course you don’t struggle in this area. If not, check out another post! But if you are perpetually late, read on. 

I happen to rarely struggle with being on time, but Mr. Morning Kisses is incorrigible! I have tested him over and over and he fails fails fails – even just last weekend I told him we had to leave at 11:30am, and at 11:25am he still hadn’t gotten in the shower. 

Luckily, I knew better and had already lied. 

Mr. Morning Kisses needs a 30 minute lie if we are ever to be anywhere on time. The greatest part of the lie is that he never knows I’m lying. He is THAT BAD! If I ever forget to lie, we are late, I am stressed, and a good time is ruined. Lie lie lie!

Now I mentioned that I rarely struggle with being timely – well, then I had a kid. Things take quadruple longer with a kid – I can’t even imagine how things are affected by more than one! So nowadays I’m even lying to myself – a 15 minute lie seems to work. 

So how to be on time if you struggle!


How do you manage to be on time? Please leave a comment with your tricks, I’d love to hear them!



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