How I organize my phone

These smartphones sure are wonderful things, but before you know it you can be swamps in apps, can’t find what you’re looking for, and feel overwhelmed just from looking at your phone. 

I keep all apps on my phone on 2 screens. First, my “home” screen:

This is where my most-used apps live. Obviously the 4 apps I use most live in the very bottom section of the screen. I also leave the bottom row blank for a visual break – for me it’s easier on my eyes and my mind this way. 

The next easiest accessible part of the screen are the corners – this is where my next most important apps live. Next comes the top and then the sides of the screen. And my least important apps fill in the middle. 

Equally as important as app placement is the background image. I like to choose something colorful with a subtle textured pattern to it. Nothing blue or green because most apps are blue and green. I find my background images on background-specific apps of which there are plenty. I find a few and rotate through them if I get sick of them. 

Next, my second screen is organized like so:

It contains all other apps – my least important ones – catagorized into folders. The folders are alphabetized, and I added emojis because, well, why not? Emojis are cute!

But what about Kidizen and WordPress you may ask..? Those are my most recent downloads – I keep new apps there until I get used to them, and then I find a home for them. If they are important enough to be on the home screen, I will do some rearranging. Or if they are not of huge importance, they will get filed into a folder. 

Lastly, my lock screen is a good place for something that brings me great joy:

How do you organize your phone? Or maybe you don’t need to organize at all because you aren’t “visually sensitive” as I’ve been known be called/call myself..! 

Let me know in the comments below!



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