How vertical folding changed my life (and the life of my clothes)

By now we all know I’m into organization, ya? So last year, when I heard about a book called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, of course I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Reading it was a thrill, and a million thoughts raced through my head: She’s my hero! I need to do this for my job! I’m going to be a Professional Organizer! I’ve found my calling! You know, all the fun thoughts that race through your mind when you’re inspired. 

Needless to say, I LOVE this book and I LOVE Marie Kondo! And, she’s pretty much the most adorable person ever to boot. 

One of my biggest take-a-ways from the book was how she folds clothes – all vertical – nothing horizontal. It’s always bugged me how in my pile of t-shirts for example, the ones on the bottom are permanently wrinkled. And yes, they are on the bottom because I rarely wear them, but they do come out every once and while, and when they do they look a total mess. 

Enter the vertical fold. 

Check out this video on how she folds t-shirts:

VIDEO: t-shirts

Revolutionary! Yes, I know this seems like a pain in the bum, and it will take you 10 seconds longer than the crappy way you’re currently folding your t-shirts. But I’ll tell you this, each folded item is like this little package of joy, and when they are all stacked together so neatly in your drawer, you will smile every time you open it!

Some tips: Make sure you do your folding on a flat hard surface. It’ll be frustrating if you don’t. Also, think about not only folding in halfs and fourths, but about thirds too. Here’s a video showing how to fold pants, using thirds:

VIDEO: pants

And now onto my own folding adventures – here’s some of Mr. Morning Kisses’ clothes: 

And some of mine:

And Baby Kisses’:

As you can see it’s not perfection but it is vertical! I can see everything at a glance and nothing is wrinkly from being weighted down. 

My only hiccup with this method is the now-useless built-in shelving I have in one of my closets. Shelving and vertical folding don’t work together which becomes frustrating when you turn into a vertical folding convert (which you will). Drawers, on the other hand, are prefect. 

So – take 15 minutes, empty out a poorly folded drawer, and re-fold the Kondo way! I promise you it will bring you joy. A little bit of extra work goes a long way. 


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