Confession: I collect tiny boxes.

Here’s my small box (and tin) collection:

Are you impressed? I am! Why do I collect small boxes and tins? To create organized spaces of course! Check out what I just did to my toiletry drawer in my bathroom:

Before the boxes, everything was thrown in there with no order whatsoever. Enter my box collection and we have order!

The best part of my box collection is that it hasn’t cost me a penny. Through the years I’ve just set aside what could have been considered garbage by some, but not to me. 

Here’s some other ways I’ve used small boxes for organization:

My night-table:

All of those things used to be on a pretty little tray but it started looking too crowded, so I used these 2 boxes, one of which has 2 compartments!!

My desk drawer:

Silverware drawer (ok, this is not the best looking, but I’ve never claimed to be perfect):

Utensil drawer:

Night-table: I just put this pink box in the drawer because I noticed my sunglasses collection was growing and looking uncontained. Put ’em in a box and you get this:

Sometimes medium and large boxes come in handy too – check out my pantry in which I’ve made use of our numerous Amazon packages:

Would I prefer pretty clear plastic containers? Yes. Are they on my Amazon wish list? Yes. But these are free! And they do the job just fine. 

It’s fun saving boxes and wondering how they will become useful in the future. 

Do you use boxes for organization? Do share in the comments below!


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