Evernote 103: the Grocery List

Evernote is my chosen digital tool for managing my grocery list. It’s one of my “starred” notes so it’s as easy to access as possible. 

Any time I notice I’ve run out of something or I need something, I stop what I’m doing and add it into my Evernote list. If I “do it later”, I never do – I always forget. That’s really the biggest secret for having a complete grocery list and avoiding getting home and realizing you forgot something: 

As soon as you know you need something / see you’re running low on something – stop what you’re doing and put it in your list. 

My list has 2 parts. The first part:

is things I currently need. I just went grocery shopping which is why the list is so empty. I’ve made categories for each type of food so I can shop efficiently – section by section. 

The second part:

is a sort of reference sheet – it has everything I usually buy, so I can refer to it before I go to make sure I haven’t forgotten to write anything down. I changed the font color to grey to visually differentiate it from my primary list (which is black). 

Both lists are in the same note – the primary on top, and the reference sheet below:

How do you keep track of your groceries? Please share in the comments below!


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