Let’s talk about soap. 

I like to keep it simple. In as many areas of my life as I can. Am I always successful? No. But I try. I can say that I think I’ve nailed it in the soap department:

I use one soap. For EVERYTHING:

  • Face
  • Body
  • Hands
  • Baby

A few years ago I got really curious about soap ingredients and did some massive research. I checked out brand after brand. I looked up impossible-to-pronounce words on incredibly long ingredient lists. I couldn’t find one soap without questionable  (toxic) ingredients… except for (drumroll please!!!!):

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Liquid Soap*

I got tired of looking up strange ingredients and started using this soap for everything. The coolest part is that a 32 oz bottle (approximately $15) lasts me 6 months! No, it’s not because I smell. It’s because this soap is meant to be diluted but not many people know.

You just need to invest in a foaming soap dispenser. Fill 1/4 with Dr. Bronner’s and the rest with water. BAM! All your soap needs taken care of. Cost-effective, but more importantly – healthy. Skincare after all is just as important to your health as food.

Glass foaming soap dispensers would be the best kind of investment, such as this one:

but if you want to go the cheaper route (and keep you eye out for a good sale for the glass ones), you can buy plastic foaming soap dispensers with soap already in them, and just refill with Dr. Bronner’s.

I chose this one for where I need hand soap (bathrooms and kitchen):

And for the shower:

I dream of having all glass dispensers one day!

What’s even more awesome about Dr. Bronner’s is that you can use it for hand-washing clothes when traveling and washing dishes when camping. I keep a “baby bronner’s” (2 oz) bottle in my toiletry bag for traveling. I’ve used the bar versions for travel too.

The variety of scents is lovely. Right now, Rose is my favorite. I’ve also used Lavender, Peppermint (careful as this will make your parts tingle in the shower!), Almond and Eucalyptus. I use Unscented for the baby. I haven’t tried Citrus but I bet it’s divine!

What soap do you use? Do you love it? Please comment below!

*Dr. Bronner’s has not paid me to write this. I am just truly thankful for this product!



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