Amazon Hack

Can you imagine life without Amazon? Our account was recently put on hold for 24 hours and I truly felt sadness. Total first world problems but – really, Amazon just makes things so much easier!!

Do you know about the list-feature Amazon has? Obviously I love this feature and use it in many ways to maximize my time on the site. 

I’ll get to all my lists in another post but for now I wanted to share my most valuable list which I call: “Frequent Orders”. There are certain items we buy on the regular from Amazon: vitamins, shampoos, printer cartridges, deodorant, soap. Rather than having to search my prior orders for the exact item I purchased, or do a new search each time I need something, I take half a second and put these items into this list. 


More time for the things you want to spend your time doing!

Does anyone else do anything like this? Please comment below!


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