Texting Hack

Texts can get out of control – I mean, think of how many texts you send per day? I remember when one of my first cell plans had a limit on the number of texts you could send per month! And that calls were free after 9pm. But that’s dating myself, so I’ll stop…

Here’s a little hack to help you find your most texted contacts quickly: 

Change their contact name to include a colorful emoji. 

Here’s my parents contact info for example:

(Yes they are under one contact because they share 1 cell phone!). See how I put the little purple heart💟? Now when I look at my text messages, I can see their message before anyone else’s because it’s color-coded:

And Mr. Morning Kisses’ is color-coded as well because he is my other most frequently texted person (J🌀). 

So Boom! There you have it. A small change to your contacts and a big change to your texting efficiency! 

Does anyone else use emojis in this way? Do share below!



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