My Body, Face and Hair care Routine

I used to use marketed face/body/hair products, I really did. I would go to Whole Body and look at all of the lovely-looking products and try to pick what I thought would be the best one for me. They were always super pricey but they were so pretty!

Then, over a series of months a number of years ago, I began to realize that ordinary products can be used for a variety of beauty needs, therefore limiting the amount of stuff you need to buy and store in your home – a thought I found very appealing.

Take Dr. Bronner’s for example. I had been using it as my body wash for a while by then. Why not use it for my face as well? Why not use it for hand soap too? (Click here for my post all about soap.)

I’ll admit, using it on my face was a stretch for me. I have pretty terrible skin. In high school it was the worst – I would want to skip school because of all my blemishes. I went to many dermatologists and used all sorts of prescribed ointments – for years. So I tentatively experimented with Dr. Bronner’s and you know what? It was perfectly fine. No break outs. No worse than other  face washes. And a super low score of 1-3 on the EWG website with an ingredient list I could read:

During the same time period, one of my friends was using coconut oil not just for cooking, but as body moisturizer too. “Just take some and rub it in your hands until it melts and slather on” he said. I loved this! Again following the simplicity trend I was after.

And you know what came next of course – a list. A list of ordinary products that can have multiple uses:

Coconut Oil: body moisturizer, face moisturizer, hair moisturizer, eye-makeup remover, lip moisturizer, deodorant (+arrowroot powder, baking soda, essential oils)

Olive Oil: eye make-up remover, hair moisturizer, body moisturizer

Jojoba Oil: face moisturizer, carrier

Tea Tree Oil: acne treatment (dilute with water or other carrier oil)

Cocoa Powder: bronzer, blush, dark dry shampoo (+arrowroot powder), eyebrow powder, eye shadow, body bronzer

Dr. Bronner’s: shampoo, face soap, hand wash, body wash, shaving soap, dish detergent, laundry detergent

Baking Soda: toothpaste, deodorant, tile scrubber, exfoliator, mouthwash (+water, peppermint essential oil) (dip toothpaste in small amount of baking soda for 7-10 days (once a day) to whiten teeth- don’t use on teeth everyday- weakens tooth enamel)!

Arrowroot Powder: light dry shampoo

Beet Root Powder: blush

Apple Cider Vinegar: hair conditioner (dilute with water)

This list is a work in progress and I haven’t tried everything on it. I’d love to know if anyone can add to it!

Here’s what I have going on currently:


  • Wash: you guessed it! Dr. Bronner’s.
  • Moisterizer: Organic jojoba oil. I’ve heard and read about other amazing oils for the face like almond oil, but so far this has been working for me. Again, the idea of putting a straight oil on my already oily face was nerve-racking, but I’ve found it to be wonderful for my skin.
  • Problem areas: Organic tea tree oil diluted in Jojoba oil
  • Exfoliator: Organic home-made sugar scrub.


  • Wash: you guessed it! Dr. Bronner’s.
  • Moisterizer: Organic olive oil. It’s already in liquid form so just a bit easier to use than coconut oil.
  • Exfoliator: Organic home-made sugar scrub.
  • DeodorantPit Paste. This has by far been the absolute best natural deodorant I or Mr. Kisses has ever tried (and we’ve tried MANY). We both are “high-needs” in this area, and have found this product to work wonders!


I’ve tried the no-poo method as I really do believe that modern-day products are designed to make and our hair and body dependent on them. My hair looked clean but the knots were too hard for me to handle. If I kept my hair shorter I think this could work for me. I have throughout the years been able to lessen my hair washings from every day to every fifth day, though this has taken years and was a very gradual shift.

Up until recently I was using the Yes To products knowing they had shady ingredients in them, but choosing to be naive and focus on the reasonable price point instead.

Finally I got my act together and consulted the Gimme the Good Stuff site and chose the Shea Moisture line knowing in good faith it’s a great low-toxic choice for my hair.

I’m still searching for a good leave-in conditioner. Right now I have one from Acure but my hair looks really greasy when I use it. I tried Dr. Bronner’s and hated it!

And that, my friends, is it! Although I try to go the simplistic/non-toxic route, I love learning about new products – what do you use and love? Please comment below!



  1. Hi Sharon! I absolutely LOVE my Arbonne products! Pure, safe and beneficial. So happy to have discovered your blog! Let’s catch up!


  2. I sometimes struggle with an itchy scalp. To reset the balance I’ll make a baking soda slurry and massage that into my scalp, leave for a minute and rinse. Then will rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar. Sets me right back to good! Thanks for sharing all your research!

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