Waxing Your Own Body Parts 101

Waxing is the best form of hair removal, period. Your hair grows back in lighter and lighter, and you are left hair-free for many days – weeks even.

I used to go to the salon to get waxed before I stumbled upon this wax many moons ago:

Microwave-able? So easy!

I had to try it. So then I ordered waxing strips comme ca:

And found some wooden sticks (think of coffee stir-ers at coffee shops), and off I went into the world of self-waxing and I’ve never looked back.

I started with my eyebrows – check out this hilarious video I made showing how I wax my brows HERE.

I truly believe the brow-game is the strongest game to be played. Filling in my brows is literally the only make-up I wear these days and I just can’t go without it. I’ve used all sorts of brow products from Anastasia’s high-end line, but what I am most into, and have been into for about a year now is NYX’s Micro Brow Pencil which retails for about $10.

The trick to filling in brows is: less is more. I’ve definitely made the mistake of going too hard with the brow-fill and have walked around looking much like a scary clown!

Perhaps you need help getting the right shape for your brow – in this case, first go to a trusted salon and have a professional shape your brows. After this you can wax your own 1 or 2 times (or more!), and then if you need to, just go back to the profesh to get a re-shaping done.

Brows are everything!

I also currently wax my upper lip and my armpits. Yes – my armpits! What an amazing decision this was. Prior to waxing them, I had to shave them nearly every day because there was what seemed like immediate growth. Now I wax them and can go a good week or 2 and they are smooth like Baby Kisses’ bottom! I tend to wait a little too long though and know it’s time when Mr. Kisses chokes on his morning coffee when he catches a glimpse.

Before Baby Kisses came along, I waxed my own legs too but this took a good hour and my newfound mommydom just doesn’t allow for that anymore, so I let the professionals take care of my legs, and of course my hoo-hah. Years ago I did attempt to wax the hoo-hah myself but please – please, save yourself the trouble. It is a sticky, messy mess. Trust me.

Yes, if you choose to wax, you do need to wait until the hair is long enough to wax, so there will be a week or so where there will be visable hair. But if you can just make it that one hairy week, you will have WEEKS of NO HAIR! It is totally worth it in my opinion.

So, if you haven’t get gotten into the world of self-waxing, I encourage you to! The most important thing to remember is to go slow and don’t spill!!! Happy waxing and please share your waxing adventures below!



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