How I fill in my brows

You know what’s sick?

It makes me happier to get a compliment on my eyebrows than anything else. Even: “You look great – have you lost weight?” Yup, even that.

And I do get compliments on my brows quite frequently. But this only started after I began filling them in which was only a few years ago. I look back on pictures from before then and can’t believe I never did it. It makes such a difference!!! Even at the time of my wedding I didn’t. Sadness. 

Filling in brows can be tricky because if you do it the slightest bit too much you wind up looking ridiculous. Less is definitely more. And finding the right product is key. I used to use this expensive paste from Anastasia of Beverly Hills, but it was so tricky to work with, and so easy to go overboard. Luckily I found this pencil from NYX (I use ‘espresso’) and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. It’s extremely fine-pointed so stays “sharpened” all the time. And I believe pencils give a more natural look over pastes. 

Let’s examine this photo:

Yes, the before and after may seem subtle, but that’s what you want with brows. To me however, there’s a big difference, specifically the ends (‘tails’) of my brows, and the tops. Do they look perfect in the ‘after’ shot? Definitely not, but – to me it’s a big enough difference to keep at it every day. If I only have time to use 1 makeup product – it’s this. 

Without future ado, here is a video I made showing how I fill in my brows:


If you’d like to see how I wax them myself, click HERE.

Enjoy, and get on the brow-train!


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