The coolest baby toy ever (and I made it myself!)

When my friend Marina from Savour the Trip told me about something called a “sensory board” or “activity board”, it sounded like a really amazing baby toy that would be a complete departure from our current toys which Baby Kisses has completely lost interest in.

Basically, you find or buy objects that appeal to your baby’s (or older child’s) senses, and you attach them to a board.

I spent a few days googling and put together a list (shocker!) of things I would try to collect for Baby Kisses’ board:



  • their name
  • lights (i.e.: battery-operated push light)
  • mirror
  • something shiny/reflective


  • Different textiles and fabrics: sequined fabric, felt, silk, wool, carpet sample scraps, feathers, ribbon, pipe cleaners, rope, furry cloth, shoe laces, yarn scraps
  • Locks: slide lock, chain lock, sliding door latch, travel lock, crescent lock, surface mount draw latch
  • Other hardware: door hinge, crank handle, pully & rope, door knobs, wheels, “boinging” door stop, metal and plastic chains
  • carabiners
  • buckles from old bags / belts / backpacks
  • clothes pins
  • binder rings
  • travel velcro wallet


  • bells
  • battery operated doorbell


  • essential oils on cotton or cheese cloth
  • cinnamon sticks

I tried to find everything I needed on Amazon and made this list, but ended up going to Home Depot and finding almost everything there and the prices were better too (and it was really fun to look at everything in that store in a new light, and pretty much necessary to go in person to get the MDF board).

Besides going to Home Depot and ordering from Amazon, I also raided my arts and crafts airmoire for the fabric and ribbon.

Once I gathered all my supplies I began to arrange them on the board. I had so many supplies that I was able to make 2 boards.

First I used a hot glue gun (SO FUN) and glued down what I could. I glued ribbon around the mirrors to make them safe.

I used the velcro for the push light so that I would be able to change the batteries when they die. Then Mr. Kisses helped by drilling everything else in place. I had never heard of cable clips – they were super handy and perfect for this job.

And – Voila! 2 awesome DIY sensory boards for Baby Kisses:

She absolutely loves them and it is so fun watching her discover with them.

Here’s a VIDEO of her exploring.

And here are the sites I consulted for my supply lists:

This wasn’t the easiest thing to pull off but I can already say it was absolutely worth it. Already at 8 months, Baby is way more interested in non-toys than toys, and this keeps her entertained for far longer and in a more interested way.

Have you ever heard of or made a sensory board? Please share below! Happy crafting!

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