Baby Feeding Hack

Sick of food going to waste from being flung off a high chair by baby?

Try this set-up: 

Put placemats beneath baby’s high chair. When food gets flung and lands on the placemat, pick up and give back to baby! Save the food and save yourself the frustration of flung food. 

It’s also way easier (in my opinion), to clean up from. Taking 2 placemats to the sink to wash sure beats being down on my knees with a washcloth (what I used to do!).

Also note the already-wetted-(blue)-washcloth ready and waiting to clean Baby as soon as she’s done eating, and then used to wipe down the counter/tabletop. 

(We use the Inglesina Fast Table Chair and the coordinating tray and we love them both! (Not sponsored!) Placemats are my moms from the 80’s and Baby’s dinner is toast with coconut oil, egg and yellow squash).

How do you handle flung food? I’d love to know of other systems! Please comment below!


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